For a long time there's been quite a bit of confusion regarding ban appeals, as we haven't been very clear on what we're looking for in appeals. Because of this, we've chosen to make a template for ban appeals that we're asking you to follow in the unfortunate event that you've been banned.

Please do not post on other people's ban appeals

First off, to post a ban appeal, go to

Alternatively, you can navigate your way there by going to Forums -> Ban Appeals & User Reports

Once you're in the correct section of the forum, click the "New Thread" button to open a new thread, this is where you'll be posting your appeal using the template below.
(Note: You don't have to post the rules in your ban appeal.)


We ask that you don't create polls on your ban appeal.

Any ban appeal that does not follow this template will be considered invalid.

We ask that you only make a ban appeal for yourself, and not for your friends.

The template is as follows:

Thread title: "[your name]'s Ban Appeal "

IGN: Your in-game name
Date: The date you got banned
Banned by: The name of the member of staff that banned you
Reason: The reason you got banned, as stated by the member of staff that banned you
Why should we unban you: Any legitimate reason you can think of as to why you deserve to be unbanned. If you think you were treated unfairly and have something to say about it, put that in this section as well.
Extra (Optional): If there's anything more you'd like to add that doesn't fit with the other categories, this is where you put it.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or the template, feel free to ask them to any of the staff members in-game, or on this thread.